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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. -  Aristotle
Teaching Philosophy
  • We seek to inspire thoughtful student-citizens who are passionate about exploration and problem solving. We encourage our students to be curious about the natural world, critical thinkers, innovative, and independent yet collaborative.

  • Students tackle key issues in science with comprehensive hands-on research. The goal is understanding not that a scientific process exists but why and how.

  • Authentic learning learning occurs through the expeditions of Eagle Eye and Archaeology where students test the water quality of a local lake and work alongside professional archaeologists excavating a prehistoric village site.

  • Students experience outdoor learning through field trips: backpacking on Cumberland Island and along the Chattooga River, canoeing down the Peace river, and a week in the Florida Keys at Seacamp.

  • The landscape itself has its own lessons to teach.  As students become more familiar with the workings of the natural world, they can begin to cultivate certain habits of interaction. Attentiveness, for instance, is an essential tool for learning about natural processes.  Through careful and consistent observations in doing fieldwork students learned to listen and see.

  • Students communicate their literacy and understanding through the creation and maintenance of the school’s museum.

  • Students create authentic and relevant work.  These products or assignments can be view on student created websites.  This allows for the culmination of a significant characteristic of 21st century education: a global audience, and showcase student work.

  • To facilitate the interaction between technology and education, each student is issued an Apple iPad at the beginning of their middle school years.

  • Through their education,  graduates will be better prepared to make valuable contributions to society.

Leadership Retreat 2016

July 25, 2016


Students are provided the opportunity to become leaders. This is an honor to be chosen and comes with great responsibility.  To learn and develop leadership skills, students go on a week long retreat along the Chattooga River in the South Carolina mountainous wilderness.

Adventure Race

May 20, 2016

The Adventure Race is a contest to complete a specified course, as a team, through the woods, on a bike and on foot.  The contest includes orienteering, problem solving and physical stamina.  The staring positions are determined by the amount of money raised by each team for a worthwhile cause.  Each team wears self-designed t-shirts with team names and logos.

First Week of School

August 08, 2016

School starts off a little differently.  We regard school as a family.  The intention is to bring together the student body as a close knit group of explorers, adventurers, and caring citizens.

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Seniors Teaching Teachers

January 11, 2017

Senior students teach a Southern Adventist University Masters class about outdoor education activities.

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